About us

BB Pharma, Inc. company was established in August 2006 to buy a part of the manufacturing portfolio of the Biotika , Inc. in Slovenská L’upča. In subsequent years company purchased complete production program of finished drugs form for Czech and Slovak Republic. BB Pharma has about 50 human products and over 70 veterinary products especially in injections forms.Production and sale provides through its subsidiaries and contract manufacturers. The company is currently developing its own portfolio and cooperate with other companies to develope their products for Czech Republic and other countries. And finally begins to participate in the development of new products for pharmaceutical use.


AtB Pharma, s. r. o.  
Manufacturing company in Slovenská L’upča  
BB Pharma, s. r. o.
Distribution company in Slovak Republic
BB SLUŽBY, s. r. o.
Transport company, provides services for all companies in group
BIOTIKA BOHEMIA, spol. s r. o.
Distribution company in Czech Republic
Farmácia Martin, a. s.    
Manufacturing company in Martin                                                                                                               

Contract manufacturers

Biotika, a. s.
G.V. Pharma, a. s.
HBM Pharma, s. r. o.

Cooperating companies

ChemProtect.SK, s. r. o.
inPHARM spol. s r. o.